Gulfood 2018 - Provil focuses on the future
In early November, at Dubai, one of the largest exhibitions in the Middle East for the meat industry took place. Provil, a company with thorough and extensive knowledge regarding meat, presented innovative ingredients for the meat and gyros industry, designed to offer flavor, aroma and texture, to every meat product.
Gulfood Manufacturing is the meeting point for over 1,600 suppliers from around the world. Provil with a dynamic presence as a company, which designs custom made solutions for the industry and specializes in products, such as shawarma and doner, presented ingredients specifically designed for them. At the same time it showcased fantastic sauces touching celicious perfection, which were specifically designed, for sandwiches and wraps.
Ethnic sauces, dressings with velvety texture, ideal for every type of meat, promise to add flavor to any type of snack and street food recipe.
Representatives of famous Middle Eastern restaurant chains visited Provil and expressed great interest in the company's sauces, which are characterized by taste, ease of use and freshness.