25 Years of Offering to Flavor 

Since 1993 Provil has stood out for its' multidimensional business activity, both in Greece and abroad.

During these 25 years of business operation, the company managed to become the trusted partner of businessmen and professionals in the food industry, food service and the meat sector. In the past years Provil made a dynamic entry in the retail market with the Cook at Home brand. The goal is to solve the issue of everyday cooking and help consumers prepare freshly cooked meals.

What characterizes the company is the constant production of innovative high quality and added value products, which are nutritious and easy to use. With the ability to design and produce unique tasty proposals, whererever there is food, Provil does not follow industry trends but forms new ideas by designing and developing innovative products always in line with the ever-changing needs of the modern market.

Aiming at innovation, Provil designed and produced, products that opened new culinary horizons and established the company in the industry.

Having solid export activity and by investing continuously in new sectors, Provil proves it has vision and will continue to serve flavor and aroma for decades to come. By constantly investing in new technologies, human resources and the development of new markets, Provil creates and transfers know-how, educates its' partners' and shapes new business relationships.