Great ingredients to cook great dishes every day!


COOK at HOME! PROVIL’s product suggestion inspired by the love and passion for well-cooked food, and the deep knowledge in selecting and processing natural ingredients, which play key role in the success of any recipe. All the great ingredients in one package!

Which way?

Through the new line of COOK at HOME products that contain all the great and different ingredients in the right proportions, to cook our favorite homemade dishes… Without the stress of planning and the mess of the preparation, but most importantly, with delicious taste!


Casserole cooking sauces for:

*  Beef casserole in tomato sauce

*  Chicken lemon casserole

*  Chicken casserole in tomato sauce


Oven cooking sauces for:

*  Lemon roast chicken

*  BBQ roast chicken

*  Curry roast chicken


Μixes to make:

*  Fluffy patties

*  Fitness patties


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