Provil: From generation to generation

The history of the Vogiannou family, begins shortly after the end of World War I in Agriani, Serres, by Christos Vogiannou and his brother Nicholas. During a very difficult period for Greece, the Vogiannou brothers decided to join forces in order to secure their survival. With the very few products that they produced, they began to do business in the area.  Through their activity they came into contact with homogeneous from Minor Asia and Pontus,  who had their own traditions and culinary habits. Their love and passion for gastronomy was articulated through trade and was passed on to their descendants in the early 60s.

Greek tradition was well rooted in Basil and Theodore Vogiannou, who  decided to evolve what their ancestors started.  They recognized the importance of food in Greek culture and they tried to disseminate the Macedonian cuisine, which had its roots in ancient Greece and Alexander the Great. The Macedonian land was full of first quality raw materials and the cuisine was influenced by immigrants from Asia Minor and the Southern Balkans.

Since ancient times, Greeks preferred to eat with company. They believed that if they ate alone they were just filling their belies.  Basil and Theodore Vogiannou opened the "Neon"| tavern, which was a meeting place for over 40 years.  Their knowledge in recognizing quality raw materials (meat, vegetables, herbs and spices), was passed on to their children, who decided to optimize it and put it to use.

The third generation of the Vogiannou family, founded Provil, in order to create culinary products and keep tradition alive. Provil's philosophy was based on the tradition, which is passed on from generation to generation and on the importance that food  plays in Greek culture. Greeks share their emotions , their joys and sorrows while eating food which has its roots in ancient Greece.  By employing modern production methods and processes and by conveying love for fine dining, the company offers consumers high quality products.