HORECA 2020 - Provil at Greece's largest food & hospitality expo
For another year, Provil paves the way for Greek Cuisine, at the 15th HORECA expo, which took place from 7-10 February 2020, at the Metropolitan Expo.
With a concept devoted to Greek gastronomy, the company presented new fantastic dishes with Greek aroma. Through a well thought out menu, company friends and partners had the opportunity, to taste traditional dishes and recipes, with a modern twist by the company's chefs.
Roast beef with pasta and truffle, fried cod with tartar sauce, spicy falafel with tahini sauce, lamb with tomato sauce and caramelized onion on pita bread, were some of the dishes that guests had the opportunity to try out.
Aiming at spreading Greek cuisine and flavour, across borders ever evolving with international food trends, Provil presented new products that stood out. 
The highlight was the professional tomato sauce that came to complement the already wide range of mise en place sauces and products for Greek cuisine, the new flavours of the sandwich cream product line, the caramelized onion and many more. Cook at Home, Provil's retail product line has been gaining more popularity among consumers.
The HORECA expo was a busy four-day event full of new contacts, with caterers and entrepreneurs, demonstrating the dynamics of Greek cuisine as a tourism, but not limited to, product.