A high level presentation for the retail meat sector, by Provil
With great success, a specialized seminar regarding  "The Butcher shop in the contemporary market" was completed at Provil's head offices in Thessaloniki on Wednesday. Distinguished professional butchers and businessmen attended the seminar, discussed and exchanged views regarding the meat sector.  
Mr Pavlos Vlachos, Provil's Sales Manager in Northern Greece gave a brief welcoming speech.
Then Mr. Eleftherios Panodimos, Provil's Butcher Division Manager, presented a historical overview, from the establishment of the first butcher shop until today. 
Today, the butcher shop is a meat retailer, consumers' find high-end specialty fresh meat, modern cuts and ready-to-eat nutrition meat products for the daily family table. Professionals pay more attention to the marketing activities of the business, in order to promote their products and services efficiently, while many are investing in the creation of e-shops, to facilitate their customers.
Mr. Panodimos presented the demographic characteristics of consumers, analyzing their shopping and eating habits, and how these change from generation to generation. For this reason, the entrepreneur must know his client, in order to attend to his needs with existing or new products and services, related to him. He also needs to understand the lifestyles and desires of younger consumers, who will be his future customer and find ways to reach them.
Provil, in a constantly changing environment, stands next to professionals, offering, besides innovative products, services that can be a milestone in the evolution of the sector. 
More specifically:
· Through constant market observation and continuous support for its partners.
· Keeping track of changes in consumer nutrition trends and designing products to meet their needs.
· Creating innovative projects and acquiring know-how that can be implemented by its partners gradually.
With the ultimate goal of creating products that will contribute to tomorrow's consumer satisfaction.
The seminar concluded with a discussion where everyone was involved who exchanged views on the opportunities and challenges that exist.
The seminar ended in the most delicious way as Provil's chefs cooked a variety of meat preparations, giving participants the chance to taste the end result. The goal was to enable them  to offer in turn, advice and tips to their customers, so that they could enjoy their products to the fullest.