High level specialized presentation to members of Divani Collection Group, by Provil
A high level presentation with the presence of distinguished professionals took place at Provil's offices in Athens on Tuesday 26/11/2019.
Many food service professionals such as, Executive Chefs, Sous Chefs and Cooks from Divani Collection Hotels group, attended Provil's attended a seminar by the company's chef on new products and new trends in the eating habits of foreign customers and how these affect the creation of a menu.
The presentation was opened by Mr. Stathis Chalastaras, HORECA Sales Manager South Greece, welcoming the attendees. He continued by presenting new company products  focusing on various categories.
Provil's Chef Mr. Lambros Leras created delightful dishes with new products, consisting of appetizers, buffet dishes, Christmas dishes and desserts.
A discussion and exchange of ideas followed on issues relating to changing consumer nutrition trends, such as veganism and the shift towards healthy eating.
Provil's long-standing partnership with the group proves that partners and the quality of products and services are always at the forefront.