The Contemporary Restaurant, a presentation at Provil's brand new offices, in Athens
On Wednesday October 2nd, at Provil's brand new offices in Athens, a presentation was held for food service professionals and business associates. 
The presentation focused on the evolution of the contemporary restaurant business in recent years, in line with the recognition of Greek gastronomy as a global cuisine. Attendees had the opportunity to be informed, by Provil's experts on all the latest trends in the food service sector.
During the presentation, Provil's chefs created delicious dishes such as, bao buns with pork and caramelised onion, shrimp orzo, juicy burgers and mille-feuille with wild cherry sauce. 
With a dynamic business presence that has made a difference in food service, Provil introduced a range of products, from new mise en place and dressing sauces, to spices and bouillons, which are ideal for the demanding food service sector.
Guests had the opportunity to taste delicious food and discuss with Provil's  experts about the course of gastronomy in our country.