The modern Meze restaurant by Provil
On Tuesday, June 11th at Provil's headquarters in Thessaloniki, an in-depth presentation took place, targeting businessmen of the food service sector and cooks, of the infamous meze restaurants. 
For Provil, Greek gastronomic tradition and creative development move side by side and evolve. After a period of culinary stagnation, today with great joy, we are able to talk about the evolution of the meze restaurant in a modern establishment, which offers imaginative dishes of modern gastronomy. 
The company's guests, friends and partners of Provil, had the opportunity to be informed by the company's experts about the latest developments in the field of gastronomy and the meze restaurant which undergoes a huge transformation in the past years. 
During the presentation, attendees watched with great interest, the company's chefs preparing traditional recipes, with their own creative spin, which can be integrated into a menu or offer inspiration for further creation.
Provil's experts, went on to present complete solutions for the necessary equipment that a modern business needs, proposals for cocktails/drinks, utensils and many more.
With a dynamic business presence that has made the difference in the dining area, Provil has also presented a range of products, from Mise en Place sauces and dressing to seasonings and broths, which are ideal for the new Greek meze restaurant.
The presentation concluded with a tour at the company's premises and a delicious buffet.