The Contemporary Restaurant, a presentation at Provil's brand new offices, in Athens
On Wednesday October 2nd, at Provil's brand new offices in Athens, a presentation was held for food service professionals and business associates. 
The presentation focused on the evolution of the contemporary restaurant business in recent years, in line with the recognition of...
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Contemporary restaurant and gastronomy

On Monday, October 1st, at Provil's headquarters in Thessaloniki, an in-depth presentation took place, for food service professionals and cooks, around the modern restaurant business and the evolution of Greek gastronomy. 

Today, Greek gastronomy is a famous attraction pole for people...

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Cook at Home, sponsors the 52nd rally of Thessaloniki International Fair
Cook at Home, Provil's retail product line,stands next to consumers offering flavour, and next to exciting motor sport events. With more entries than last year, Cook at Home was a sponsor at the 52nd TIF rally, which took place on the 14th & 15th of September 2019. 
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The modern Meze restaurant by Provil
On Tuesday, June 11th at Provil's headquarters in Thessaloniki, an in-depth presentation took place, targeting businessmen of the food service sector and cooks, of the infamous meze restaurants. 
For Provil, Greek gastronomic tradition and creative development move side by side and...
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Provil invests in communicating its retail product line Cook at Home
Provil makes its grand entry into the retail market with a new communication campaign for its Cook at Home product line. After 25 years of business activity in the food service and food industry sectors, and by realizing the changing nutritional trends and modern way of living, Provil introduces...
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